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We are an outstanding university serving global communities since 1998. It is my humble and esteemed privilege to lead this charge of merging ancient wisdom, examined philosophy, and contemporary learning to create a culture of value and excellence in every aspect of life. We invite you to enter our university to learn and depart to serve

Dr. Spencer J. Holman

Over twenty years ago, I created a value-based system, the 10 Life Values, which has consistently transformed people through their quest for excellence and success in life.  This work was inspired by ancient wisdom from my master teacher, Imhotep, spiritual connections to God, and my research.  Across the United States and around the world, there are numerous stories of people who gained success and accumulated wealth in every area of their lives implementing my system. The distinctiveness and power of the 10 Life Values: Spiritual, Health, Family, Appearance, Dwelling, Mobility, Education, Profession, Leisure, and Wealth is found in its precise, yet pliable customization, which accommodates the randomness that stems from our choices, and the ever-shifting existence we call life.  These Life Values are compartmentalized into distinct yet connected parts, which allow for intense focus and clarity in the areas best suited for the pursuit of your personal American Dream and life of excellence.  To learn more about the 10 Life Values visit the XLV System. My 10 Life Values book (coming soon), will detail the depth of my work and vision.   

Black Star University Founder, CEO, President and Chancellor

transform your life

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Elevating men: Fatherhood Academy

For over 20 years Dr. Holman has created success with the Fatherhood Academy designed exclusively for men to motivate, inspire and transform them in three phases; 1) Men ages 18-25 just starting out in life and need somewhere to begin, 2) Men who are frustrated with their current results and want to fine-tune or reinvent themselves, and 3) Men who want to take their lives to the next level with the use of a proven system. The Fatherhood Academy is that proven success system with over two decades of successfully serving men, their families, and communities across the United States and globally. The accompanying Fatherhood Legacy & Fatherhood Journal offer practical support in building strong fatherhood relationships. To learn about the basis for this work go to XLVSystem.com to explore the 10 Life Values.

Elevating women: values & Virtues

This platform for women is designed to educate, elevate, and empower a woman in her womanhood throughout her life's journey. We offer insight to live optimal successful lives of excellence. Dr. Michelle, Black Star University Vice President, leads this work which includes the Motherhood Academy, 90 Days To Unstoppable, Sacred Femininity, Health Trainings, and will soon publish the book “The Courage To Continue” a triumphant book about hope speaking to our humanity. Experience a marriage of Life Values and Virtues for victorious living at lifevaluesandvirtues.com (coming soon). Discover real life transformations, powerful perspectives, and stories that help you to shift with the Courage To Continue, it’s what defines you!

elevating youth: global leadership

The Youth Leadership Division of Black Star University (BSU) exists to build legacy and empower the transformation of a generation. It is designed for youth between the ages of 13-18 years, to serve as interns with BSU’s subject matter experts across the United States. The program serves to 1) promote value based principles to organizing their life and achieving excellence, 2) increase leadership skills and focus, and 3) prepare youth to make good decisions and make a difference in their families and communities. Youth participate in trainings, establish a success path, engage in community service and civic affairs, serve with advisory team leadership initiatives, and use their social, educational and faith-based platforms to bring awareness to the XLV System.

Ancient Wisdom

Imhotep means “He who comes in peace“.

Imhotep signifies the first person we have tremendous details about as a black man, scientist, revered ancient author of wisdom texts, priest, astronomer, world’s first physician with brilliance beyond his time.  He was an honored Egyptian chancellor, architect of the pyramids, and high priest at Heliopolis. Imhotep was gatherer of the great intellects establishing the seat of knowledge which became the basis for institutions and universities of higher learning.  His name has become synonymous with master seeing the world from a multiplicity of perspectives dwarfing the minds of those who struggle to embrace and articulate the functioning of man and civilizations.  His vision and wisdom were harnessed in numerous essential ways to contribute to the sustained growth of civilization. 

Values are seen through action and his lived life.  His ancient wisdom is reflected in the contemporary learning presented by BSU in the 10 Life Values.

the black star university difference

Our Success Systems are Powered by the 10 Life Values for Examination, Development, Management, and Mastery.


The 10 Life Values, known as the XLVSystem, allows you to properly and consistently apply success principles to every aspect of your life.  It offers a practical guide with tools to adapt to the changing needs of your life.  The power of the XLV System is that it conforms to your growth patterns and changes at any point of your lifespan and lifestyle.  It serves you by mending what is broken in your life and enhancing your current level of functioning.  Want to better manage and organize your life for greater progress and productivity?  You have found the solution. 

Many people have successfully used the XLV System to evaluate their progress as fathers, mothers, caregivers, entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors, subject matter experts, and professionals transitioning from one career to another.  The distinctiveness of this system is in making the complexities of life simple.

10 Life Values

moving you from your current life to your ideal life

what we think and what we believe
our physical, emotional and mental condition
who we are connected to and who we have relationships with
how we convey ourselves to the world
where we live, grow and develop
the world around us and how we interact with it
what we know; both our knowledge and intellect
our contribution to the world
how we choose to spend our personal time
our accumulation of and possession of assets

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