Dr. Holman’s vision in creating Black Star University was to construct an educational conduit for disseminating the philosophy and power of the 10 Life Values.  This personal and relational success system serves as a blueprint for men, women and youth to be equipped with the appropriate processes, systems and tools necessary for successful and fulfilled living.  In doing so, his vision is to heighten the consciousness of value-based living for all, globally.

 Over the past 20 years, Dr. Holman’s programs have helped over 1 million men improve their lives, their families and their communities through his former company, Father’s Time.  His work has expanded to include women and youth, and with that wholistic focus Father’s Time evolved into Black Star University. 
We look forward to impacting lives globally and creating even more significance over the next 20 years.  We invite you to join this visionary evolution!!

BSU's President & Vice President

Dr. Spencer J. Holman, President & Chancellor      

Dr. Holman is a retired United States Marine Corps officer who earned his PhD in Theology and has three honorary PhDs in Philosophy, Naturopathy and Community Development.

He is the creator of the 10 Life Values philosophy, a personal and relational success system which has been an integral part of universities, judicial systems, schools, churches and many other social environments around the world for over two decades.  It all began in 1998. Dr. Holman deliberately examining his life, understanding his calling and vision, he founded and incorporated Father’s Time teaching based on the 10 Life Value philosophy.  This foundation serves as a blueprint to help men grow positive values and weed out negative values. It equips men especially fathers with processes and tools for multi-generational and inter-generational success. Over the last twenty years, over 1 million men have been impacted by Dr. Holman’s 10 Life Values philosophy improving their lives, their families and their communities.  

He expanded Father’s Time which offered the Fatherhood line of products and services into Black Star University in 2019. Black Star University’s mission is to motivate men to strive for excellence in every fundamental domain of life, from spiritual growth to wealth creation and management. Today after two decades of successfully serving men with the 10 Life Values philosophy, Black Star University has expanded to serve women and youth. 

 Find Dr. Holman’s inspiring work as a co-author in “Cracking The Rich Code, volume 3” with Jim Britt, Kevin Harrington and Tony Robbins and the transformational book series “The Change, volume 16” with motivational speaker Jim Britt and Les Brown.  Dr. Holman’s own best-selling books include: Fatherhood Legacy, Fatherhood Academy, The Spiritual Guide, The Wealth Management Guide, and The Black Person’s Guide To Owning A Bentley.  

Dr. Michelle V. Knights, Vice President 

Dr. Michelle is an innovative thought leader, professor, strategist, transformational and peak performance coach, author and international speaker.  Her work has impacted individuals and communities around the world.  She has a Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Delaware, and has served as faculty at University of Prince Edward Island, Canada; Messiah College, and Penn State University in the US.  She has worked with international entities, state government, and local organizations to stimulate transformation, productivity and growth.  She focuses on enriching lives through examination of values to create intergenerational and multigenerational empowerment and success.  

Dr. Michelle has helped companies and individuals expand their growth in a corporate environment, as entrepreneurs, as subject matter experts, and has developed individuals to leadership status and top producers.  She has experienced business successes such as facilitating business growth and strategy development, trained and coached leaders and their teams in performance, mindset, and personal development.  Dr. Michelle serves as the Business Development Director for A-Game, improving the lives of men, families and communities, and has helped the company expand business models and increase international markets.  

Currently, Dr. Michelle has launched a platform for transformational peak performance success called The Life Institute, built on the foundation of Dr. Holman’s 10 Life Values.  This work allows her to motivate and inspire others to move from stagnation to significance, and develop excellence in every area of life.  She believes and is a living testament that with effective systems to organize and mange your life, with proper leadership and divine guidance, all things are possible!

4 principles

Anchoring Your Life


The Black Star holds them all together.

It Illuminates The Light Within Us.  Experience The Awakening By Examining Your Life: Past, Present & Future.  Join Us On This Journey Of Value-Based Learning. 

4 Principles - Anchoring The Moors

The Moors were progressive thinkers, inventors, scientists and rulers who governed Spain for over 800 years.  Their success is a result of these 4 principles: Excellence, Life, Strength & Knowledge.

The Moors helped Spain progress in new scientific knowledge in Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Geography and Philosophy.  Some notable accomplishments involved introducing an astrolabe for measuring the position of the stars and planets. 

Historian, Basil Davidson, noted that during the 8th century the Moors were “more admired by its neighbours, or more comfortable to live in, than a rich African civilization which took shape in Spain.” Córdova, Moorish territory in Spain, was the most modern city in Europe.  An advanced civilization with raised sidewalks, paved streets lit with lamps, hundreds of years before Paris or London.  Moorish Spain declared universal access to education for all, during a time when illiteracy was the norm, creating seventeen universities when Europe only had two. 

Who were the Moors? They were inventors, traders, scientists, rulers, educators who understood civilization and planets. They lived in architectural masterpieces, introduced paper and  new crops, still part of the culture of Spain today. 

It is said of the Moors: “The reins of their horses were as fire, their faces black as pitch, their eyes shone like burning candles, their horses were swift as leopards and the riders fiercer than a wolf in a sheepfold at night . . . The noble Goths the German rulers of Spain to whom Roderick belonged, were broken in an hour, quicker than tongue can tell.” Quoted in Edward Scobie, The Moors and Portugal’s Global Expansion, in Golden Age of the Moor, ed Ivan Van Sertima, US, Transaction Publishers, 1992, p.336

Their Life Values Determined Their Success

Black Star University brings the knowledge, innovation, progressive thinking, and vision of the Moors, through the lens of the 10 Life Values, to you in the form of contemporary distinctive education.

Let Us Help You Develop Your 10 Life Values!

Each principle designs
the life you desire to live.

A Life Of Excellence! 

Join over a million men

Join over 1 million men as Dr. Holman helps you too improve your life skills. Impact your family and community in a way you didn’t believe possible. Finally, you CAN the best you can be.

Experience the vision of Black Star University as you become part of the transformative impact on your loved ones, co-workers and community through the 10 Life Values approach in education, entrepreneurship, ministry, and leadership development.

The 10 Life Values philosophy is your blueprint learning is now accessible for all, globally. Especially you.

Especially designed for YOU.

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