Making Lasting Impact In Communities.

Dr. Holman’s Fatherhood Academy program has changed my life.  My family is so much happier since we have talk and solve problems together


Father, Teacher, & Facilitator

My church has offered these programs for the past 5 years and the results have been unbelievable.  We expect to continue for many more years.


los angeles, ca

I have presided over many Father’s Time, now BSU, graduations.  Each time I marvel at the growth and belief people gain to live successful and teach their children, and community how to excel.

Jim Ledford, Jr.


Because It's All about fulfilled people & Happy families...

I would recommend the assessment to everyone.  I learned how to take responsibility for my actions, and I understood why my relationship with my parents is difficult.


Class of 2017

I was struggling financially, and working with my mentor I was able to understand that Wealth Value connects to all my Life Values and now I am improving my financial stability.


Class of 2018

I did not value myself, and sadly gave myself away.  I learned that my value is given to me by God, and I am worthy of a good life.  Now I teach this to others.


class of 2019
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