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Values are those things that really matter to us. They determine our mindset, morals, choices, and decisions.

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FATHERHOOD ACADEMY – Elevating fathers to their rightful standing by acknowledging their worth, influence and importance.

The Fatherhood Academy has been impacting the lives of men for over two decades.  The impact is seen in the individual, their family and community.

The Fatherhood Academy helps fathers in every part of their 10 Life Values across many different stages of their life.


FATHERHOOD LEGACY – What do you remember most about you father? How strong is your relationship with your children? The Fatherhood Legacy allows you to answer these and more questions and prepare for the laughs, tears, pains, and joys of fatherhood.

FATHERHOOD JOURNAL – Easily manage everything there is to know about your children with this yearly journal.  You will manage the demands of a father’s life and review at any time.


THE CHANGE (Vol. 16) – Explores powerful thought provoking insights from Dr. Holman, Jim Britt, and 20 inspiring co-authors that will take you on a journey of self discovery and personal growth.

CRACKING THE RICH CODE (Vol. 3) – Powerful insights, stories and strategies from Dr. Holman, Jim Britt, Kevin Harrington, Tony Robbins, and 20 co-authors.  You will learn how to take your life and business to the next level.

10 LIFE VALUES – Dr. Holman details the fundamental philosophy of achieving excellence in your life.  It will enlighten and empower you to adopt values, make changes for personal growth and influence your family for legacy building.

THE COURAGE TO CONTINUE – A book about hope.  Dr. Michelle shares her courage to continue amidst trials and triumphs to persist in her purpose and calling.  She combines values and virtues for victorious living.

Consumable herbal Product

A-GAME CUSTOMER – was developed by Dr. Holman after working with men for 20 years.  He recognized that men needed an all natural herbal solution, and A-game ( was formulated to increase proper blood flow, immunity, and 4 key benefits: Vitality, Energy, Strength & Libido. Go to our Shop page to sample and purchase our safe and effective herbal product.

PARTNER WITH US – Want to partner with our consumable product and together share A-Game with the world?  We have several partnerships options available. Contact Dr. Michelle 302-897-9690 to partner with this movement which is in over 105 regions in the US and around the world.

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