Fatherhood Legacy


The Fatherhood Legacy is a treasure for families and is used as a companion to the Fatherhood Academy curriculum.

Complete the Fatherhood Legacy book to document your fatherhood journey, and pass on your current knowledge and experience to your children.  It is created to bridge several generations, a father could give this book to his children to allow them to get to know him better.  It can also be given to fathers and grandfathers to record special memories.

What do you remember most about you father? How strong is the relationship between you and your children?  How well does your son or daughter understand fatherhood or the role of a man in the home?  Have you mastered your role as a father?  Explore these and other questions in the Fatherhood Legacy book.

This book will help your children to know you better and prepare you for one of the greatest experiences you have ever felt – the laughs, tears, pains, and joys of fatherhood.

Fathers can lovingly pass down their life experiences from generation to generation.  This 81 page book can easily be customized with personal text and photos.

Fatherhood Legacy allows fathers to celebrate fatherhood through written words, personal handwriting and cherished photos. It’s an opportunity to share your values, vision, and accomplishments with others.  We hope it will help you document your history and prepare for a brighter future.

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